Radom: The timeless baseball art of Graig Kreindler

From SABR member Todd Radom at The Sporting News on April 13, 2016, with mention of SABR member Graig Kreindler:

Graig Kreindler is a craftsman, an old soul and a self-professed perfectionist.

His paintings transport the viewer to a different time and place, a neat trick that’s every bit as hard as it sounds. His technique is masterful, but the details are what make his paintings really sing.

Take his depictions of stadiums, for instance.

“It’s important to know when those places changed,” he said. “When they were renovated. Some of these changes were pretty major, such as the addition of the left-field and right-field upper decks in Yankee Stadium (1928 and 1937, respectively) and some were minor (the shade of green used in those stands before 1947 vs. what was used after.) The Polo Grounds had a dirt path from the mound to home plate until the mid-1940s. Fenway Park used to have an incline for a warning track during its first two decades of existence.”

Kreindler’s art spans the baseball ages. He has painted Harry Wright — Hall of Fame manager of baseball’s first professional team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings — as well as Bryce Harper, the Washington Nationals superstar who was born in 1992.

Named for Yankees third baseman Graig Nettles, Kreindler was seemingly destined to capture baseball personalities and historic moments in oil. The Rockland County, N.Y., native was born in 1980, a year in which Nettles started the All-Star Game at third for the American League.

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Originally published: April 13, 2016. Last Updated: April 13, 2016.