Remington: The history of baseball in one day

From Alex Remington at The Hardball Times on September 9, 2014:

I’d like to propose a new national holiday: Hall of Fame Day. Sept. 9 is a crucial date in every baseball season, when every win and loss takes on outsize importance as teams on the playoff bubble try to separate themselves from the pack. But it’s also a day with a connection to six iconic Hall of Famers, three who were born this day and three who died this day. You could tell a fair history of baseball by focusing just on the ninth of September. So here’s what happened.

Al Spalding

On this date in 1915, 99 years ago, Albert Goodwill Spalding died. Before founding a sporting goods empire that bears his name to this day, Spalding was the greatest pitcher of the first decade of American professional baseball. He made his debut at 20 years old as a member of the 1871 Boston Red Stockings, the franchise that later changed its name to the Braves and now plays in Atlanta as the oldest continually operating franchise in sports. (These Boston Red Stockings had previously played in Cincinnati. The current Cincinnati Reds franchise is not related, though it gets its name from the same origin.)

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Originally published: September 9, 2014. Last Updated: September 9, 2014.