Retrosheet announces December 2015 updates

By David W. Smith

I am pleased to announce the fall update of the Retrosheet website (

All of the 2015 event files are now available, along with updated game logs and transaction data. There are hundreds of new games that have been added to the previously released event files from 1925 to 1970. The Most Wanted list has been updated to reflect our progress. Much work went into completing the discrepancy files for 1952-1955 and the rest of that decade is under active review.

The most significant addition to older seasons is the box score files for 1913. Tom Ruane did a considerable amount work on this season and oversaw the project.

Other contributors (a partial list, to be sure) were Dave Lamoureaux, Mike Grahek, Ron Weaver, Wayne Voltz, Kevin Wesley, John Proulx, Herm Krabbenhoft, Dixie Tourangeau, and Dave Newman, as well as Greg Hilton of the St. Louis County Library.

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Originally published: December 6, 2015. Last Updated: December 6, 2015.