Retrosheet announces Fall 2021 updates

By David W. Smith

I am pleased to announce the Fall 2021 update of Retrosheet’s website. The highlights of the new release are as follows.

1. Deduced files have now been completed for 1925 and 1924 and are on our site along with games from 2021 season. Therefore, we now have play-by-play accounts for all American and National league games from 1924-2021, meaning the last 98 seasons.

2. Updates continue to be made in time of game and attendance data, along with ejections.

3. We plan to add game-level Negro League data to our site in the next few weeks. This large project has been managed by Tom Thress and there will be much detail announced at the appropriate time

4. Many people contribute in many ways to Retrosheet: Tom Ruane, Mark Pankin, Tom Thress, Rob Wood, Jim Herdman, Cliff Blau, Dick Cramer, Wayne Townsend, Joe Stillwell, Dave Lamoureaux being prominent longtime volunteers. George Henline has recently helped in the identification of substitute managers who covered absences usually due to illness or family emergency.

I hope I have not failed to mention anyone and apologize in advance for any oversights. As always, we hope you enjoy the new material on our site and we welcome the identification of errors and omissions form attentive users.

SABR member DAVID W. SMITH is the founder and president of Retrosheet. He can be reached at

Originally published: December 2, 2021. Last Updated: December 2, 2021.