Retrosheet announces June 2014 update

By David W. Smith

I am pleased to announce Retrosheet’s annual June release and upgrade to our website (

We now have posted event files for the 1937 season with complete coverage of 949 of the 1,239 games played that year (76.6%), thanks to the proofing efforts of Clem Comly. As usual, there have been many additions and some corrections to individual games and discrepancy files, as our volunteers work continuously to enhance the site. Many people have contributed to these enhancements, but Clem Comly, David Vincent, Dick Cramer, Pete Cottrell, Bob Kapla, and Cliff Blau did the greatest portion.

In addition, we have completed the “deduced games” for 1949. These are games for which we have been unable to locate play by play coverage, but have pieced together accounts from newspaper stories, usually three or four stories for each game. These accounts are in separate files so that users can keep them separate or merge them with event files as they see fit. Richard Weston, Mark Pankin and John Gabcik continue their work with these deductions and they have been joined by two newcomers: Javier Anderson and Tom Thress. Tom has been nothing short of extraordinary as he completed 74 of the game for 1949 (and has done another 50 for 1948!), knocking out an average of one per day high quality deductions.

Thanks also to the many readers of our site who identify concerns and communicate them to us, often via the RetroList; this grass-roots involvement is a hallmark of Retrosheet and it is greatly appreciated.

SABR member DAVID W. SMITH is the founder and president of Retrosheet. He is a 2012 recipient of the Henry Chadwick Award and a 2005 recipient of the Bob Davids Award, SABR’s highest honor. Learn more at

Originally published: June 30, 2014. Last Updated: June 30, 2014.