Retrosheet announces Summer 2021 updates

By David W. Smith

I am pleased to announce the Summer 2021 update of Retrosheet’s website. The COVID-19 emergency of the past several months has impacted our work, but we have continued to make progress. The highlights of the new release are as follows.

1. Deduced files have now been completed for 1927 and 1926 and are on our site. Therefore, we now have play-by-play accounts for all American League and National League games from 1926-2020, meaning the last 95 seasons, at

2. We have also completed the proofing of games for the 1915 season, but without deductions. This includes the 1915 Federal League, which we present for the first time. Jim Herdman has almost singlehandedly processed these games and we have play-by-play for 420 of the 619 Federal League games available for download (68%). For the three major leagues in 1915, we have accounts for 1,261 of the 1,864 games played (67%).

3. Updates continue to be made in time of game and attendance data, along with ejections.

4. We are adding a new file for download with this release. It is an extremely comprehensive listing of over two dozen items for each player, manager, umpire and coach in Major League history. At this point, Negro League personnel are not yet included.

5. At this point we now have play-by-play for a few hundred Negro League games on our site, including East-West all-star games, postseason and World Series games, and interracial exhibition games. Please read the overview page for more details. We plan to merge these with downloads for the 150,000-plus AL, NL and FL games we have made available, but our site architecture is not robust enough at this point to accomplish this now. Our efforts toward full inclusion of the Negro Leagues are being led by Retrosheet Treasurer Tom Thress, whose contact information is on the overview page.

SABR member DAVID W. SMITH is the founder and president of Retrosheet. He can be reached at

Originally published: July 20, 2021. Last Updated: July 20, 2021.