Retrosheet announces Summer 2022 updates

By Tom Thress

AUGUST 4, 2022 — Retrosheet is pleased to announce its semi-annual update at In addition to being the first update since I succeeded David W. Smith as President, it is also the first update to include updates to both AL/NL and Negro League games.

The primary updates here are box scores for the 1944 Negro League season and deduced play-by-play for the 1923 AL and NL seasons.

Special thanks to all of our volunteers including Alan Cohen, Dean Esgrow, Dave Lamoureaux, and Wes Tervo. And, of course, special thanks to Tom Ruane and Dave Smith for their continued work in preparing this update.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Rob Wood, who has been one of Retrosheet’s most dedicated and prolific volunteers, has graciously agreed to take over the bulk of the updating of the 20th century AL and NL games as we move ever closer to our goal of having play-by-play accounts of every game in the history of both of these leagues. I look forward to working closely with Rob.

We hope you enjoy the new games!

TOM THRESS is the president of Retrosheet. He can be contacted at

Originally published: August 11, 2022. Last Updated: August 11, 2022.