Rogers: Hofheinz built Astrodome, legacy in Houston

From Brian Rogers at the Houston Chronicle on July 5, 2016:

They called him “The Judge” and he was the cigar-chomping, larger-than-life politico and promoter audacious enough to believe he could bring major league baseball to Houston with the lure of a giant air-conditioned ballpark under a massive dome.

The legacy of the late Judge Roy Hofheinz, including the Astrodome, still casts a long shadow across southeast Texas.

Before he became the man who bragged about his “Eighth Wonder of the World,” he was a boy wonder who became a lawyer at 19, one of the state’s youngest legislators at 21, then Harris County judge at 24.

His salesmanship and media savvy made him a self-made millionaire several times over before he became Houston’s mayor at 40.

Through it all, though, family came first.

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Originally published: July 5, 2016. Last Updated: July 5, 2016.