Rosecrans: Many teams redefining front-office roles

From SABR member C. Trent Rosecrans at the Cincinnati Enquirer on November 11, 2015:

It used to be easy, 30 teams, 30 general managers, 30 chairs as they entered the room for Major League Baseball’s General Managers Meetings.

As meetings began on Tuesday, the seating caused a little bit of a problem – the general managers aren’t necessarily general managers any more. In today’s game, the general manager may not be the top executive on the baseball side, so who sits where and just how many seats are needed at the table?

“This was the big debate,” said Walt Jocketty, the Reds’ president of baseball operations. “There are like 15 presidents of baseball operations and 30 GMs, so in the afternoon session, the (presidents of baseball operations) were all in the senior section and the GMs were in the inner section. It was kind of funny.”

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Originally published: November 11, 2015. Last Updated: November 11, 2015.