Rosengren: Mark Hamburger of St. Paul Saints is a free spirit like no other ballplayer

From SABR member John Rosengren at City Pages on August 10, 2016:

Mark Hamburger, this summer’s star pitcher for the St. Paul Saints, is like no other ballplayer I’ve met. He reminds me of two other iconoclastic pitchers, Jim Bouton and Bill Lee — smart, thinks for himself, unafraid to speak his mind. At 29, Hamburger’s still finding his way, still writing his story.   

And he’s quite the author.

Here’s a guy with a 90+ mph fastball who prefers yoga to lifting weights, Whole Foods to McDonald’s, the Tao over Sports Illustrated, his ’89 Oldsmobile station wagon over a new Audi. He’s comfortable talking about the way a Higher Power works in his life, is not carrying a cell phone, and lugs a hard-shell blue Samsonite on road trips. Other than the fact he lives in his parents’ basement, he’s far from your typical millennial, let alone professional ballplayer.

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Originally published: August 10, 2016. Last Updated: August 10, 2016.