Ruane: Runs produced by the most and fewest hits

From SABR member Tom Ruane at on September 12, 2018:

A few weeks ago someone, perhaps on SABR-L, remarked on a team scoring a small amount of runs with what seemed like a large number of hits and was wondering if it was a record. (Full disclosure: it might have been the reverse: a large amount of runs with a small number of hits.) That got me to wondering how I might present information showing the end points for every combination of offensive innings and runs scored. I didn’t simply look at runs scored because it seemed clear that it’s much easier to score a small number of runs with a lot of hits in a very long game, and a large number of runs with hardly any hits in a very short one.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with looking at games played from 1907 to 2017.

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Originally published: September 14, 2018. Last Updated: September 14, 2018.