Ryan: Bobby Doerr was the best the Red Sox ever had at second base

From Bob Ryan at the Boston Globe on November 14, 2017:

The Australians have an expression: “No worries.” It is their equivalent of “No sweat,” or “It’s all under control.” The expression would have been a fitting nickname for Bobby Doerr, because once he showed up, no Red Sox manager had to worry about second base for 14 years.

Just imagine the smile on the face of any big league skipper who was handed the following scouting report: “An absolutely flawless fielder who effortlessly tracks down any ground ball, whether hit to his left or right. Makes the double play as if the concept were something of his own invention. A dangerous hitter with far more pop in the bat than the average middle infielder. Particularly proficient in RBI situations. A gentleman who will be both immensely popular in his own clubhouse and universally respected throughout the league.”

That indeed would have been the hindsight scouting report on Robert Pershing Doerr, by far the best second baseman the Red Sox have ever had.

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Originally published: November 16, 2017. Last Updated: November 16, 2017.