SABR Boston Chapter meeting on Nov. 2 postponed due to World Series parade

Due to circumstances beyond our control, it has come to our attention that there is an event occurring in Boston on Saturday, November 2, that will severely compromise our ability to conduct a SABR Boston Chapter meeting centered upon the subject of BASEBALL.

Therefore, the Boston Chapter is forced to postpone the Fall Meeting that was scheduled for Saturday November 2 at the Non Profit Center.

Apparently there will be a WICKED PISSAH BIG CELEBRATION throughout the City of Boston that has something important to do with BASEBALL and if UEHARA planning to attend the meeting, I will not complain ORTIZ you about wanting to go to the victory parade instead of the meeting — which we are postponing to a later date because the Red Sox did not warn us about winning the World Series and then scheduling the wicked big VICTORINO parade that conflicts with our meeting.

So, LESTER you have something else to do on Saturday, we advise you attend the parade and we will save the meeting for another time since we know better than to compete with the SOX when they pull off something like this …

— Joanne Hulbert

Originally published: October 31, 2013. Last Updated: October 31, 2013.