SABR Digital Library: The Fenway Project

Here’s a unique book, now reissued as an e-book from the SABR Digital Library, to add to your baseball collection:

The Fenway Project
Edited by Bill Nowlin and Cecilia Tan
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-93359-950-2, $6.99
ISBN (paperback):
1579400914, $9.95
177 pages, 8.5″ x 11″

On June 28, 2002, more than six hundred members of the Society for American Baseball Research descended on Fenway Park for an interleague contest between the hometown Boston Red Sox and their National League rivals, the former Boston — now Atlanta — Braves, during SABR’s 32nd national convention.

Sixty-four of these avid fans, historians, statisticians, and game enthusiasts recorded their experiences for this book, The Fenway Project. Some wrote from privileged views such as inside the Green Monster’s manual scoreboard, the Braves clubhouse and the broadcast booth, while others took in the essence of Fenway from the grandstand or bleachers. The result is a fascinating look at Major League Baseball, the Red Sox and their colorful history, the charms and challenges of Fenway Park, and the allure of being a baseball fan.

Including articles on Red Sox/Boston Braves history and the City Series, The Fenway Project combines historical background as only SABR can deliver it with this fascinating “one night at the ballpark” as recorded by 64 observers on the spot. From the man who sang the National Anthem (SABR member Joe Mancuso) to the woman who threw out the first pitch (SABR President Claudia Perry), from a man in the bleachers to a woman in the press box, readers of The Fenway Project will see the game from all angles. 

Includes contributions by: Jean Hastings Ardell, Phil Bergen, Steve Bennett & The Bennett Family, Bob Brady, Steven Wolfgang Brooks, Bob Buege, Anne Campbell, Jeff Campbell, Jim Campbell, Jimmy Campbell, Gene Carney, Ken Carpenter, R. Chamberlain, Randall Chandler, Will Christensen, Richard Cohen, Dick Dahl, Eric Enders, Joe Favano, F.X. Flinn, Michael Freiman, Roy Gedat, Rich Gibson, Irv Goldfarb, Rich Klein, Francis Kinlaw, R.J. Lesch, Glenn LeDoux, Daniel Levine, Howard Luloff, Joseph Mancuso, Peter Mancuso Jr., Skip McAfee, Lawr Michaels, Wynn Montgomery, Andy Moye, Bill Nowlin, Paul Parker, Mark Pattison, Claudia Perry, Fred Peltz, R. Plapinger, Jim Prime, Denis Repp, Susan Riggs, John T. Saccoman, Ryan M. Saccoman, Anthony Salazar, Jim Sandoval, Lyle Spatz, Michael Spatz, Steve Steinberg, Cecilia Tan, Stew Thornley, Scott C. Turner, Zack Triscuit, Lewis Trott, Jeff Twiss, Jay Walker, Angela Jane Weisl, Peter Winske, Saul Wisnia, John Zajc, and Andrew Zinner.


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Originally published: September 25, 2013. Last Updated: August 5, 2020.