SABR launches new email discussion forums for chapters, committees

SABR logoAPRIL 22, 2021 — SABR has launched a new email discussion forum for all members to enjoy. Working with the interface, the new SABRgroups platform will help enhance participation and provide interactive collaboration tools for any chapters, committees or special-interest chartered community groups.

SABR members can visit to learn more about the SABRgroups forums and how to subscribe. All messages come straight to your email inbox. The email forums also offer interactive file and photo sharing areas, wikis, chats, and many other intuitive features.

Members can subscribe to any existing group, or chapter and committee leaders can request to form their own new group. Please contact the SABR office if you would like to create your own group or need help accessing the forums. 

Some SABR committees — including the Nineteenth Century Committee, Black Sox Scandal Committee, Minor Leagues Committee, and Scouts Committee — have active email forums that have been transferred over from other platforms. 

For a complete list of all SABRgroups forums, and information on how to subscribe, click here

Originally published: April 23, 2021. Last Updated: April 22, 2021.