SABR launches new SocialLink communication tool for members

SABR has launched a new communication tool for members called SocialLink, along with a fresh look for our membership system at

SocialLink mobile appThe SocialLink platform will allow for all groups (research committees, chapters, and more) to communicate in online forums. Each chapter and research committee will have its own dedicated discussion forum, and we will also have new community-wide discussion forums that all SABR members can access online or through the SocialLink app.

In addition, members will be able to message one another directly and there will be more traditional social media functionality, allowing all SABR members to connect with each other regardless of chapter affiliation or research committee involvement.

Finally, members who download the SocialLink app will be able to access this functionality from their smartphones or tablets, creating greater access to member benefits and eliminating the need to be on a computer to communicate with other members.

We’ll highlight some of the new features in the SocialLink platform in the coming weeks, but we encourage you to start taking advantage of the new tools available to all SABR members today!

To start exploring SocialLink, visit

Originally published: August 29, 2019. Last Updated: August 29, 2019.