SABR member Andy Andres will record final out of Game 6

From Matt Rocheleau at the Boston Globe on October 28, 2013, on SABR member Andy Andres:

Boston professor Andy Andres will record the final out of the World Series’ sixth – and possibly final – game.

No glove, bat or ball will be necessary. He will use only a pen, paper and a keyboard.

The Cambridge resident, who teaches at Boston University, Tufts and MIT, moonlights as a “datacaster,” or scorekeeper, for Major League Baseball.

His job is to record everything that happens – each pitch, hit, error, foul ball, pickoff, obstruction call, you-name-it – and his scorekeeping is used to help create an official game box score as well as to update, in real-time, popular online game-tracking applications like’s Gameday that fans monitor worldwide.

And, the longtime Boston Red Sox fan will be sitting in the Fenway Park press box Wednesday night as the league’s official datacaster for Game 6.

If the Sox were to beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win it all then, “It would be kind of cool to work that game,” said Andres. “I’d keep a copy of that score card.”

“But when I’m working, I’m not cheering. I’m on the job. The job requires you to really pay attention,” he added.

Andres is part of a three-member datacasting rotation who each work about 30 regular season Sox home games each year and also divide up playoff games when Boston makes it.

He started the job in 2010 and had not worked a playoff game until this season.

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Originally published: October 29, 2013. Last Updated: October 29, 2013.