SABR Member Benefit Spotlight: Research Resources

JUNE 2, 2021 — As a SABR member, you have vast resources and benefits at your disposal. With so much information at your fingertips, we realize it can be difficult or overwhelming at times to absorb it all! To highlight key benefits, read on for this month’s SABR Member Benefit Spotlight, a new email series that identifies and explains some of the most valuable features of your membership. We hope this allows you to take full advantage of all SABR has to offer.

Today’s issue highlights the Research Resources page and the many archives and guides exclusive to members.


The Research Resources page is a SABR member benefit designed to help baseball writers, researchers, and fans find exceptional and informative resources online. The Resources page houses your link to free access at and Paper of Record (The Sporting News archives), plus numerous other guides, files, and databases available to SABR members.

Here are just a few of the research resources found on this comprehensive page: World Collection World Collection: Just announced last week, your SABR membership now includes FREE access to the World Collection, providing archives of over 10,000 newspaper titles from the United States, Canada, and other countries, allowing you to explore full and partial runs of well-known regional, state, and small local newspapers dating back to the 1700s. An annual subscription to runs $89, so it pays for your SABR membership by itself!

Paper of Record

Paper of Record: Explore the complete digital archives of The Sporting News, long known as the “Bible of Baseball.” Dating back to the publication’s debut in 1886, this fully searchable service is an incredibly popular resource with many SABR members.

Guide to Sabermetric Research

Guide to Sabermetric Research: Whether you’re just starting out or you’d like a refresher course, a numbers wizard or a little wary about complex math, we hope you’ll find our Guide to Sabermetric Research an informative and interesting introduction to modern statistical analysis.

How to Do Baseball Research

How To Do Baseball Research: An updated, online companion to one of SABR’s earliest publications, How to Do Baseball Research is an ongoing effort to provide tips and tools for SABR members or anyone who is interested in baseball’s history or statistics. It’s a great place to learn about research techniques, resources, and how to find answers to the questions you may be asking about baseball.

To access the Research Resources page, visit where you’ll find our Members’ Hub. Click on Research Resources on the right side of the page. If you are not already signed into your SABR profile, you’ll be asked to do so before proceeding. If you need help with your log-in credentials, please contact our staff.

Research Resources page

Here’s a short video with more on the Research Resources page:

SABR Member Benefit Spotlight: Research Resources

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— Chanel Zapata
Community Engagement Manager, SABR


Originally published: June 1, 2021. Last Updated: June 1, 2021.