Member Benefit Spotlight: This Week in SABR newsletter

SABR Member Benefit Spotlight: This Week in SABR Newsletter

APRIL 24, 2024 — As a SABR member, you have vast resources and benefits at your disposal. With so much information at your fingertips, we realize it can be overwhelming to absorb it all! To highlight key benefits, read on for a SABR Member Benefit Spotlight, an email series that identifies and explains some of the most valuable features of your membership. We hope this allows you to take full advantage of all SABR has to offer.

Today’s issue walks you through our weekly newsletter, This Week In SABR.


Our weekly newsletter, This Week In SABR, is a great roundup of major announcements, articles, and events from around the organization. As a membership benefit, you will receive This Week In SABR to your email inbox every Friday afternoon. (If you have any trouble receiving the newsletter emails, please contact a SABR staff member.)

This Week In SABR features sections such as:

  • Top Headlines: Important announcements from SABR on event registrations, deadlines, calls for papers, award recognitions, etc.

    This Week in SABR: Top Headlines

  • Research Collection: New updates to the Research Collection at, including the Baseball Biography Project, Games Project, and the Oral History Collection

    This Week in SABR: Research Collection

  • New Members: All new members are listed in the newsletter as an extra welcome to SABR!

    This Week in SABR: New Members

  • Upcoming Events: Weekly events from the events calendar are helpfully categorized by virtual or in-person meetings

    This Week in SABR: Upcoming Events

  • Around The Web: Articles written by and about SABR members from all over the Internet

    This Week in SABR: Around The Web

If you have an article, announcement, or event that you’d like to be included in the next edition of This Week In SABR, please send an email to Jacob Pomrenke, our Director of Editorial Content. 

Accessing This Week In SABR online

The latest edition of This Week In SABR can also be found on our website every Friday, immediately after the email is sent out. Follow these instructions to access the newsletter:

  1. Start on the homepage.
  2. Click on the Latest News link in the white menu bar across the page.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Newsletter headline and see the This Week in SABR icon. The featured newsletter will be the most current edition.

You can also view all past editions of This Week in SABR by clicking on the View All Issues button under the link for the newsletter. At the bottom of the page, you’ll also find a link for the SABR Bulletin archives, which contain a complete collection of SABR’s printed newsletters from 1971-2011, before This Week in SABR was created. 

Here’s a short video about how to access the newsletter online:

Member Benefit Spotlight: This Week in SABR newsletter

If you have any questions about This Week In SABR, we are here to help!

You can view previous Member Benefit Spotlight videos on this page. Thanks, as always, for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Yours in baseball,

Jessica Smyth
Membership Services Manager, SABR

Originally published: April 24, 2024. Last Updated: April 25, 2024.