SABR Member Seeks Donations for Ed Killian Plaque in Racine

SABR member David Stalker writes:

I have been approved to have a plaque installed at Horlick Field in Racine, Wisconsin, honoring former [Detroit Tigers] pitcher Ed Killian. Horlick Field was home of the Racine-Horlick Legions National Football League team in 1922, 1923, 1924 and the Racine Tornadoes in 1926. Later, it hosted one of the original All-American Girls Professional Baseball League teams named the Racine Belles from 1943 to 1950. Once the plaque is completed, it will be attached to the press box in 2012 that overlooks this historic field.

For this beautiful black granite plaque to be made possible, I am asking for donations to meet the $1,095 cost. Once this cost is met, donations that come in will be put toward future memorials. This is non-profit, as I am donating my time.

For these donations, in the “donated by lines” on the plaque, I will include “The Baseball Fans of America” and With a donation of $500 or more, I will also add that person’s name on the stone. Any amount, even as small as one dollar, will be greatly appreciated.

On the plaque, there will be an etched portrait of Killian wearing his Racine baseball jersey, with a short biography to follow. The inscription will include his place of birth and birth date. His baseball career starting in Racine followed by time spent in Cleveland and Detroit.

This will be part of The Deadball Era Memorial Series, which I began in 2005 with Fred Merkle. Killian will be the thirteenth player honored. More players and teams are being scheduled to follow for 2012. Many of the memorials may be viewed on the Seamheads Facebook fan page, under photos listed as David Stalker’s Deadball Era Monuments.

Though Ed Killian played a big role in Detroit’s successful World Series years of 1907, 1908 and 1909, he will never be elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. However, together as fans of the game, we can see to it that Mr. Killian gets the honor he deserves in his hometown of Racine, as he becomes a member of The Deadball Era Memorial Series.

To donate via PayPal, go to:

Last month, SABR members Stalker and Mark Stach helped dedicate a Deadball Era Memorial Series marker for Chicago Cubs outfielder Ward Miller in his hometown of Dixon, Illinois.

Originally published: September 22, 2011. Last Updated: September 22, 2011.