SABR members, help us add baseball-related attractions to our new locator app

SABR has begun working with Arizona State University’s New Media Innovation Lab to develop a location-based mobile app. The purpose of this SABR app is to help fans in the 30 Major League cities find nearby baseball-related attractions, including ballparks, research centers/libraries, museums and restaurants.

The app, which is being developed using the Google Maps API, will include attractions in the 30 Major League cities, with the possibility of adding minor league cities and other locations in the future. SABR members, this is where we need your help! Would you like to contribute your knowledge and expertise of local baseball-related attractions in the 30 Major League cities to help populate this app?

We’ve already added all the Major League stadiums, along with a few other locations, to get it started. Here are some suggestions:

  • Any professional ballpark within the metropolitan area
  • Any major college ballpark within the metropolitan area
  • Historic ballpark sites, especially if there is a plaque or monument at the site. For instance, the Polo Grounds Towers in New York or Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Please list the closest current street address you can find.
  • Restaurants where fans of a particular team meet up
  • Regular SABR chapter meeting locations
  • Sports museums with permanent baseball exhibits or historical societies with baseball artifacts
  • Municipal libraries, university libraries or independent research centers with extensive baseball collections
  • Any other interesting baseball-related attractions you have discovered in your travels

Now, a little fine print:

The spreadsheet is divided into sheets for each Major League city. There are four categories: Ballparks, Restaurants, Attractions/Museums and Libraries/Research Centers. (We may add more categories later, but please use one of these four for now.) Please add baseball-related attractions in the format provided; all fields must be filled out. Keep descriptions very brief, one sentence at most. Note: Locations must be within the metropolitan area of the Major League city. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of every baseball-related attraction in the world. When in doubt, use the best available listing on Google Maps.

Please take the next two weeks to check out the spreadsheet and add any locations you feel are worth visiting in each city. If you have any questions, please contact

— Jacob Pomrenke


Originally published: March 18, 2013. Last Updated: March 18, 2013.