SABR Minor League Statistics Project completes its 1,500th league-season

The SABR Minor League Statistics Project has recently completed its 1,500th league-season in electronic format.
The intent of the Project is to have a valuable source of Minor League data available.

As a result of these efforts, the statistical record for minor leagues are complete from the current year back to 1960 with nearly 200 additional league-seasons from 1877 to 1909 and a scattering of other league-seasons. Much of this data already appears on, while there remains much more to be developed and integrated.

Among the most recently completed leagues are:

  • 1958 Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League, by Jim Sarrantonio
    Frank Howard was immediately promoted to the Major Leagues after he led the league in three major categories: Runs, Home Runs and RBI.
  • 1905 North Texas League, by Cliff Blau
    Jack Love of Texarkana, starting a long career, was batting champion at .327.
  • 1955 Pioneer League, by Art Cantu
    Arnold Hallgren of Boise and Jess Duran of Pocatello battled for the batting championship, Hallgren edging out Duran .348 to .346. Hallgren also led league in hits and RBI. James Reggie Lee of Pocatello struck out 223 batters but also walked 200.

Members have been active on this Project since about 2006. The most prolific volunteers have been:

  • Jim Sarrantonio, 241 league-seasons
  • Cliff Blau, 240 league-seasons
  • Art Cantu, 209 league-seasons
  • Bob Kistler, 141 league-seasons
  • Ted Turocy, 122 league-seasons
  • Mike Hothan, 74 league-seasons
  • Frank Hamilton, 46 league-seasons
  • Tom O’Toole, 39 league-seasons

There is room for other SABR members to participate, and we encourage your inquiries. For more information, contact Frank Hamilton at

Originally published: January 29, 2014. Last Updated: January 29, 2014.