SABR Trophy Presented to Tout Wars Fantasy League Winners

The titans of the fantasy baseball community gathered at Foley’s Pub in New York City on March 18 for the presentation of the SABR Trophy to winners of the 2010 Tout Wars leagues.

Formed in 1998, Tout Wars is a high-profile fantasy baseball league matching experts from across the country. It was the subject of the 2006 best-selling book, Fantasyland.

SABR Treasurer F.X. Flinn presented the trophies to the winners. SABR partnered with Tout Wars in 2010.

“I look forward to this being a growing tradition,” Flinn said. “Every single individual who serves on the SABR Board of Directors believes very strongly that what fantasy baseball does for the baseball research community is to give it tremendous vitality.”

In his second season playing Tout Wars, Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports topped Charlie Wiegert of and Steve Gardner of USA Today to win the Mixed League.

“The tricky thing about defending a title is that you’re rarely allowed to follow the same blueprint that worked the prior year,” Behrens wrote on his Roto Arcade blog last week.

Jason Grey of, who joined Tout Wars in 2001, won his third Tout Wars title after collecting consecutive AL-only crowns in 2002 and ’03.

Nate Ravitz of, who finished runner-up to Brian Walton of in 2009, switched places with Walton to win the 2010 NL-only league.

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Originally published: March 30, 2011. Last Updated: March 30, 2011.