Sarris: A big step forward in measuring pitchers’ command

From SABR member Eno Sarris at The Athletic on May 10, 2018:

As the data has improved in baseball — as we’ve bought bigger and better tracking machines to replace humans with stopwatches, to some extent — our metrics have improved, almost across the board. We’ve gotten better at judging pitching within the context of actual results; we’ve improved our understanding of what leads to good hitting outcomes; and our appraisal of defense has taken baby steps forward.

There’s more to come on all of those fronts, and yet there’s one huge aspect of the game that’s been comparatively left behind. And it’s one aspect that may be improved by going backwards in our data, and by bringing humans back into the equation.


Perhaps the beginning of the conversation should be the difference between command and control.

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Originally published: May 10, 2018. Last Updated: May 10, 2018.