Savitt: The Blue Ridge League

From Rick Kozlowski at The Martinsburg Journal on May 27, 2012, with mention of SABR member Bob Savitt:

Time can distance some from their pedigree.

So it seems to be the case with the Blue Ridge League – the real and historic baseball association, not the amateur rendering of today in name only.

As time passes, the Blue Ridge League is becoming something of a forgotten organization – even though the city of Martinsburg played a major part of the Class D minor league that existed from 1915 until 1930. Fewer conversations of the old league are heard these days.

Author Robert P. Savitt, after 16 years of research, is keeping the league alive in his new book entitled “The Blue Ridge League…Images of Baseball.”

His volume takes you through the league’s history, from the personalities, stars and the reasons for its rise and its fall.

Savatt’s 127-page book is an easy, but interesting, read. It is packed full of facts on the league that existed mainly in the cities of Martinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick, Chambersburg, Waynesboro and Hanover. A few other cities made some brief stays in the league that eventually folded for financial reasons.

The book is jam-packed with pictures from the days of yore.

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Originally published: May 29, 2012. Last Updated: May 29, 2012.