Schechter: Lon Warneke, a most judicious pitcher

From SABR member Gabriel Schechter at The National Pastime Museum on March 9, 2017:

In a 1944 interview near the end of his pitching career, Lon Warneke summed up the attitude of a consummate professional:

Baseball is my business and my livelihood and I approach each game
in the same manner that a lawyer would approach a trial or a minister
would prepare a sermon. I study out each situation and figure out
the best possible solution. Once the game is over, it is over. I review it
in my mind to try to improve my game and then forget it. I put every
bit of energy and brain power I possess in each play and I have no
regrets when the breaks go against me.

Clearly, this was a man to be reckoned with, so it isn’t surprising that Warneke is the answer to a dandy trivia question: who is the only man to both play and umpire in both the World Series and the All-Star Game? He also had the moxie to give up baseball at age 46 to go into business for himself, and later spent a decade as a judge.

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Originally published: March 10, 2017. Last Updated: March 10, 2017.