Ballparks Database updates with 2013 stats, historical park events

We are pleased to pass along this update from our friends at

By Mike Lynch is proud to announce another new update of the MLB Ballparks Database, created by co-founder Kevin Johnson and designed for the Internet by Dan Hirsch, fellow Seamhead and founder of And this year’s version includes fantastic new data!

The database includes the following through the 2013 season:

  • Descriptive data that includes location, date of first and last game (if applicable), number of seasons and games played, seating capacity, field dimensions, wall heights, playing surfaces, area of fair and foul ground, distance from the plate to the backstop, latitude, longitude, altitude, comments about structural or rules changes and current and historic aerial views.
  • Ballpark factors for Runs for every year since 1871.
  • Home run splits for every year since 1876.
  • Full ballpark factors and splits for home runs, hits, singles, doubles, triples, walks and strikeouts for every year since 1914.
  • Partial ballpark factors for years prior to 1914.

Thanks to Dan, the database section of the site is very easy to use and includes the following:

  • Sort by Ballparks, Years, Teams or Cities.
  • Filter by Active, Inactive or Both.
  • Filter by Modern Era, 1800s or Both.
  • Filter by State.
  • Averages of seating capacity, field dimensions, wall heights, area of fair ground and backstop distances for each season dating back to 1871.
  • Number of teams and venues for each season dating back to 1871.
  • Percentages of grass vs. artificial turf and open air vs. domed vs. retractable roof for each season dating back to 1965 (all stadiums were open air with grass prior to 1965).
  • One-year and three-year park factors for each individual season and/or individual ballpark, filtered by league where applicable.
  • Sortable headers in ascending or descending order.

NEW FEATURE: Park Events: Park events have been added to 45 defunct ballparks, ranging from St. Louis’ Sportsman’s Park III, which hosted 7,022 games from 1909-1966, to Los Angeles’ Memorial Coliseum, host to only 309 games over four seasons. If a park opened in the 20th century and hosted more than 300 games, chances are it has park events listed on its page! If not, they’re coming soon, as are park events for all 30 current venues! So what’s included in the park events section?

  • First and Last games, including teams involved, the scores and attendances.
  • First and Last starting pitchers.
  • First and Last batters and the results of their at-bats.
  • First and Last hits, runs and RBIs.
  • First and Last home runs, the pitchers who surrendered them and the innings in which they were hit.
  • First and Last strikeouts by pitchers and the batters who whiffed.
  • First and Last winning and losing pitchers.
  • First and Last grand slams, the pitchers who surrendered them and the innings in which they were hit.
  • First and Last inside-the-park homers, the pitchers who surrendered them and the innings in which they were hit.
  • First and Last no-hitters (where applicable).
  • Trivia pertaining to First/Last events.  For example, the first homer ever hit at Tiger Stadium was also the first of Del Pratt’s career, and Robert Fick’s grand slam in Tiger Stadium’s final game is the only grand slam to close a stadium.

(Note: Not all venues are 100% complete and some information is missing until further review and future updates).

For more information, visit the MLB Ballparks Database.

Originally published: March 21, 2014. Last Updated: March 21, 2014.