Seamheads updates database with Cuban Summer League stats

From SABR member Gary Ashwill at on December 15, 2011:

The historical Cuban League everyone knows about was played in the fall and winter months, and so is often referred to as the Cuban Winter League.  Almost nobody remembers that, in the first decade of the 20th century at least, there was a Cuban Summer League, too, the Premio de Verano, or Summer Championship.  The three major clubs of the Cuban Winter League—Almendares, Habana, and Fe—fielded teams in the Summer League, though they went by different names—Azul, Rojo, and Carmelita, respectively.  (Habana also went by the names Punzó, a shade of dark red, and Eminencia, a cigar company that evidently sponsored the team in the summer of 1905, while Fe went by the name of Alerta for a couple of years.)

The quality of play in the Summer League was nearly the same as that in the Winter League, with most of the Winter League stars (Julián Castillo, Regino García, Carlos Morán, Luis González) turning out.  The major exceptions were the players who spent the summers touring in the U.S. as the All-Cubans, and even these often returned to Cuba in time to take part in the latter stages of the Premio de Verano.

This update also includes the 1902/03 and 1903/04 Cuban Winter League, seasons in which Habana, managed by Alberto Azoy and led by their great pitcher Carlos Royer, were dominant.

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Originally published: December 15, 2011. Last Updated: July 16, 2020.