Second course in SABR Analytics Certification program now available

SABR Analytics Certification

APRIL 6, 2023 — In 2022, we launched the SABR Analytics Certification program, an online, on-demand curriculum offering professional development and learning opportunities for those interested in elevating their skills and knowledge relating to baseball analytics.

We’re excited to announce that the second course in the program, Level Two – Advanced Analytics in Baseball, is now available!

SABR members save $55 on both available courses (and future courses), so we hope you’ll check out these exciting opportunities:

Level One – Conversational Analytics and Critical Thinking in Baseball

  • An introductory exploration of baseball data and analytics, including historical eras of analytics, descriptive vs. predictive data, metrics vs. statistics, key hitting, pitching, and fielding terms and practical applications of each, and player comparisons
    • Who can benefit? Level One is geared towards anyone interested in gaining a fundamental and thorough understanding of baseball analytics including broadcasters and media personnel, amateur and professional players, coaches and scouts, and general baseball fans
    • Instructor: Jake Stone, Director of Operations & Player Development at Penn State University
    • Level One Preview Video
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Level Two – Advanced Analytics in Baseball

  • A deeper study of the key concepts in baseball analytics – hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running metrics, park and league adjustments, replacement levels and WAR, as well as projections and economics – helping to develop critical thinking.
    • Who can benefit? While Level One provides an introduction to many of the metrics seen and heard in baseball analytics circles, Level Two provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the theory behind these concepts, why they are calculated the way that they are, and how to best apply them considering their relative strengths and weaknesses. The goal of this course is to develop critical thinking for those preparing to apply this knowledge and analytical ability to their own research or seek a career in the baseball industry, while becoming equipped for the technical skills introduced in Level Three.
    • Instructor: Ben Jedlovec, Senior Director, Baseball Data Platform Product at Major League Baseball
    • Level Two Preview Video
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SABR is proud to serve as a conduit between the baseball industry and those looking to join it. But whether you are a student or professional looking to set yourself apart as you break into the ultra-competitive baseball industry, or a broadcaster, coach, scout, or fan simply interested in gaining a better understanding of the present state and future of the game, the SABR Analytics Certification program was created with you in mind. We hope you will enjoy these two courses and keep an eye out for future classes as they become available in the future.

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Originally published: April 6, 2023. Last Updated: April 5, 2023.