Seeking a Massachusetts Game daguerreotype

From SABR member Jimmy Leiderman at The New York Clipper on May 18, 2012:

The following is an article that appeared in the September 7, 1944 edition of the Richfield Springs Mercury.


A request for early photographs of baseball contests prior to 1912 has been issued by the Hall of Fame and National Museum of Base Ball in Cooperstown. 1912 is the earliest date of any recorded photograph in the museum and it is a picture of the Phillies vs. New York on Memorial Day, May 30, 1912. … Anyone having photographs of baseball games earlier than 1912 should get in touch with Miss Janet R. MacFarlane, acting director of the National Museum of Base Ball. Cooperstown, New York.

Let me start by posting a link to an article about Janet MacFarlane that the Hall of Fame recently published.

MacFarlane served as director and curator of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum from 1943 to 1946 and I think Baseball historians and researchers should know more about her and what she accomplished.

Here’s the link: Stepping Up – Janet MacFarlane

Now lets get into the HOF’s photograph request and Edward Francis Coffin’s story.

I’ve got to tell you that I’m a bit surprised that -assuming the information is correct- the Hall of Fame didn’t have any pre-1912 baseball ‘contests’ photographs in their collection back in 1944.

Also have to wonder about the photograph from the Phillies vs Giants Memorial Day 1912 game that the article mentions.

I’m not into early 20th century baseball photography, but I assume this is a well known picture among researchers.

Hopefully Tom Shieber will read this post and enlighten me (us) about this.

How about Mr. Coffin’s story about the daguerreotype artist taking pictures at the 1860 match played in Worcester?

Read the full article here:

Originally published: May 18, 2012. Last Updated: May 18, 2012.