Sherman: Koufax was ‘definite prospect’ in first scouting report

From SABR member Ed Sherman at Jewish Baseball Museum on June 6, 2016:

If Sandy Koufax was a young prospect today, the teams would have reams of scouting data on him leading up to the MLB Draft Thursday.

But it wasn’t that way in the 1950s when Koufax was pitching at the University of Cincinnati. In fact, there wasn’t even a draft back then.

Thankfully, though, we do have a glimpse of how a Brooklyn Dodgers scout viewed the young Koufax. The bottom line: He likely would have been a high first-round pick–perhaps even as a first baseman.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame has a terrific site called Diamond Mines.  It features scouting reports on numerous players as prospects and during their days in the big leagues.

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Originally published: June 6, 2016. Last Updated: June 6, 2016.