Simon: A look at the early contenders that most need to improve their defense

From SABR member Mark Simon at The Athletic on April 25, 2019:

When​ you’re only​ 15 percent of the way through​ the​ season, it’s hard​ to speak​ definitively to much​ of​ what’s​​ happened. So you look for patterns, trends and starts that might be interesting for one reason or another. 

Our company, Sports Info Solutions, specializes in defensive analysis, so let’s look at the start to the season through the lens of defensive performance. There are four divisions in baseball in which at least one of the early contenders has looked somewhere between iffy and dubious defensively. Let’s take a quick run-through of the teams whose love for the glove has been lacking.

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Originally published: April 25, 2019. Last Updated: April 25, 2019.