Simon: Walker, Rolen, Abreu, and Hall of Fame worthiness

From SABR member Mark Simon at ACTA Sports on December 5, 2019:

This year’s BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot is headlined by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and understandably so, given his excellence in both the regular season and postseason, and his longevity.

Jeter is a lock for election, perhaps even joining Mariano Rivera in receiving unanimous support.

In the 2019 Bill James Handbook, Bill James unveiled a new stat (explained here and here) to show a player’s Hall of Fame Value and set the standard for election as receiving a HOF-V score of 500 or higher (the score is based on a combination of a player’s WAR and Win Share totals).

There are 14 candidates on this year’s ballot who meet that threshold. Putting aside those whose cases are hindered by PED-related issues or other matters, let’s touch on three candidates from that list who have gotten varying levels of Hall of Fame-related support and warrant a closer look.

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Originally published: December 5, 2019. Last Updated: December 5, 2019.