Simon: Who are MLB’s top rookies in 2018?

From SABR member Mark Simon at ACTA Sports on July 26, 2018:

Let’s interrupt your focus on the MLB Trade Deadline to take a look at some players who probably aren’t going anywhere – the top rookies in the majors in 2018.

Using our Total Runs stat, which combines Runs Created, Defensive Runs Saved and Pitching Runs, along with an adjustment for position and playing time, the top two rookies in each league are Angels designated hitter/pitcher Shohei Ohtani and Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres in the American League, and Marlins outfielder and third baseman Brian Anderson and Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader in the National League (we’ll explain why some of the better-known players in the NL aren’t in the top two in a moment).

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Originally published: July 26, 2018. Last Updated: July 26, 2018.