Skip McAfee inducted into Howard County Community Sports Hall of Fame

From Carol Gralia at the Baltimore Sun on September 25, 2012, on SABR member Skip McAfee’s induction into the Howard County (Md.) Community Sports Hall of Fame:

Skip McAfee is a man who cares.

He cares that the rules are followed and the dates are right.

In 1991, he cared enough to take over the task of breathing life back into the Columbia Inter-Village Co-Rec Softball League.

The league, founded by Pat Ordovensky in 1980, was originally sponsored by the Long Reach Village Association. Games were played Sunday afternoons on the fields now occupied by Long Reach High School.

The league fit in perfectly with the Columbia concept.

“It was community. Like the whole deal of meeting your neighbors at the community mail boxes. Having to venture out in the street and say ‘hi’ to your neighbors,” said Michael Ordovensky, Pat’s son.

In 1981, McAfee and his wife, Laurice, joined one of the Long Reach teams.

From its beginning, the league’s premise was that it was a non-competitive activity and playing ability was secondary.

“The whole idea was that it was a social event rather than an athletic event, but we were out to play our best and do our best,” McAfee said.

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Originally published: November 26, 2012. Last Updated: November 26, 2012.