Snodgrass remembered 100 years after critical World Series error

From Rhiannon Potkey at the Ventura County Star on October 26, 2012:

If it had happened during the regular season, it likely would have gone unnoticed.

If it had happened even a few innings earlier, it might have been just a minor footnote.

But because it happened in the 10th inning of the deciding game of the 1912 World Series, it became the defining play of his career.

Fred Snodgrass will forever be remembered as the center fielder that made one of the most famous errors in baseball history.


“His name stood the test of time,” said Snodgrass’ grandson, Spencer Garrett, who owns the Pierpont Racquet Club in Ventura. “He is mentioned each year when they talk about World Series goats. But as time passed, he made the comment that if he hadn’t dropped that fly ball nobody would remember who he was.”

Snodgrass actually played in three straight World Series from 1911 to 1913, with the Giants losing each one.

But it was 1912 that hurt the most.

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Originally published: October 26, 2012. Last Updated: October 26, 2012.