Staples: Alan Ishikawa, father of Giants’ home-run hero, is one proud papa

From SABR member Bill Staples Jr. at on October 20, 2014:

I suspect that the only thing more exciting than hitting a home run to clinch the pennant for the Giants is to watch your son hit a home run to clinch the pennant for the Giants.

Alan Ishikawa, the father of Travis Ishikawa who hit a historic home run in the ninth inning to secure a spot in the 2014 World Series for the SF Giants, must be one proud papa.


In that “dusty box of newspaper clippings” known as the world wide web, I was able to learn a little about Alan Ishikawa’s baseball past. The collection of high school yearbooks on includes the 1970 Compton High School yearbook. Knowing that the Ishikawa grandparents were from SoCal/Los Angeles, I’m 99% sure that the Alan Ishikawa featured below is Travis’ father (and even if it’s not him, it’s still a cool photo ;-). I think you might be able to identify Ishikawa in the team photo. Even though he’s only 5’8”, he stands out from his teammates (… just a bit).

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Originally published: October 22, 2014. Last Updated: October 22, 2014.