Stark: The 2020 spring training preview extravaganza

From SABR member Jayson Stark at The Athletic on February 13, 2020:

Wait. What’s that sound? Could it actually be (gasp) the pop of baseballs colliding with leather — as opposed to (oh no!) snow plows grinding down your street?

Well, if that’s true, you know what that means. It means we’ve done it again. It means we’ve officially persevered through another long (and especially insane) baseball winter.

It means there’s hope. For warmth. For daylight that extends past 4:30 in the afternoon. And, especially, for a glimpse of Mike Trout and Christian Yelich flashing across a gleaming green baseball field near you. It’s time for actual spring baseball, unfolding this week on the same planet you live on. How uplifting is that?

So unlock those gates of Hohokam Stadium. Open that Waze app and tap in “JetBlue Park.” Spring training 2020 has finally arrived. And to help us make sense of what’s about to unfold, we just finished polling 30 of the smartest baseball people we know, from outposts across this great land. How do they see the spring training landscape that’s about to take shape? Read on. You’re about to find out.

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Originally published: February 13, 2020. Last Updated: February 13, 2020.