Stark: The improbable, interminable and unforgettable marathon game that made World Series history

From SABR member Jayson Stark at The Athletic on October 27, 2018:

So where were you when Max​ Muncy​ homered to end​ the longest​ World Series game​ ever​ played?

A) Asleep?

B) Wishing​​ you were asleep?

C) Just regained consciousness after nodding off?

Or D) screaming so loud in the middle of the freaking night, you were waking up everyone in your house who had had the sense to go to sleep?

Yeah, well, any of those would be the correct answer, because Game 3 of the World Series – Dodgers 3, Red Sox 2, in 18 surreal, improbable innings – was officially One of Those Nights.

It was a game that began in the gleaming California sunshine and ended at 3:30 in the morning back in the eastern time zone.

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Originally published: October 29, 2018. Last Updated: October 29, 2018.