Stark: What happens when ‘bullpenning’ madness meets the free-agent market?

From SABR member Jayson Stark at The Athletic on November 7, 2018:

Attention,​ Gio González,​ Matt Harvey, Marco Estrada and, frankly, all​ free-agent​ starting pitchers not​ named Patrick​ Corbin, Dallas Keuchel​ and​ Nathan​​ Eovaldi. You might want to read this opus and jot down some notes.


Which brings us to this winter and another free-agent starting-pitcher market. You know what’s changed since last winter? We’ll tell you what’s changed:

The starting pitcher has never felt less valued, or less impactful, at any point in the history of baseball. That’s what. And we’re talking about on the field.

So as Openers roam the earth, as Bullpen Madness tightens its grip on North America’s pitching staffs, ask yourself this: Would you want to be a free-agent starter right now?

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Originally published: November 7, 2018. Last Updated: November 7, 2018.