Studeman: My SABR Analytics Conference presentation

From SABR member Dave Studeman at The Hardball Times on February 20, 2012:

[At the SABR Analytics Conference], in addition to my acting as a judge during the case study presentations, I’m going to make a presentation of a favorite subject of mine: Championship WPA. If you’ve read a recent Hardball Times Annual, you may have noticed that I like to take Win Probability Added one last step further to measure the impact a player had on his team’s eventually winning the world championship. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.

Well, at the Analytic Conference, I’ll be presenting the Championship WPA of all players in the history of postseason play. This will be possible only thanks to the contributions of Baseball Reference‘s data (thanks, Sean) and Sky Andrecheck’s postseason leverage index tables (thanks, Sky). I’ll be putting the two together and reporting the results. We’ll quantify the impact of Merkle’s boner, Carter’s home run, Morris’ game and Mazeroski’s home run, among many other things. Hopefully, it will be a baseball geek’s delight. At least, it will be fun for me.

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Originally published: February 21, 2012. Last Updated: February 21, 2012.