Studying the Blue Jays’ First Road Uniform

From SABR members Paul Lukas and Lloyd Davis at the Uni Watch Blog on April 6:

The photo of Al LaMacchia [posing with a Blue Jays road jersey that had different lettering than what the team actually used for its inaugural road blues] was intriguing, so I began searching the online archives of both the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. I couldn’t find an early picture of a player modeling either of the Jays’ unis (white or blue), but what I did unearth raises some interesting questions.

First, that LaMacchia photo was published in Canadian newspapers on Dec. 8, 1976. It was taken in L.A. during the winter meetings.

Just one day earlier, on Dec. 7, an item by Neil McCarl of the Star had reported that the Jays were looking at samples produced on spec, and that it would be another month before the uni design was finalized.

I searched both papers’ archives several times and couldn’t find a word about that official, final decision. But it certainly raises questions about what Al LaMacchia was posing with. Now jump ahead to the eve of spring training — Feb. 18, 1977. A wire service photo appeared, showing the Jays’ equipment manager with the team’s new uniforms.

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Originally published: April 8, 2011. Last Updated: April 8, 2011.