Swydan: The 10-day disabled list is a beautiful thing

From Paul Swydan at FanGraphs on December 2, 2016:

The collective bargaining agreement on which the players and owners have just tentatively come to terms didn’t move the needle too much in the grand scheme of things. The changes that occurred were more akin to trimming the branches on a bonsai tree than they were clear-cutting a forest. But one interesting alteration was the replacement of the 15-day disabled list with a 10-day variety. This be interesting in a few ways.


The 15-day disabled list was instituted in 1966. That’s a long time! That makes the 15-day disabled list older than the Big Mac. Oh man, I could go for a Big Mac right about now. Meat, cheese, special sau… Wait, where was I? Oh, yes: disabled-list history. One thing becomes clear when you look into it: identifying the optimal “span” of dates for it is as much art as science. In fact, the new 10-day DL isn’t really new at all, but more a circle of life sort of thing.

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Originally published: December 2, 2016. Last Updated: December 2, 2016.