The Hall of Nearly Great

From Sky Kalkman and Marc Normandin at Hall of Nearly Great on July 18, 2012:

The Hall of Nearly Great is an ebook meant to celebrate the careers of those who are not celebrated. It’s not a book meant to reopen arguments about who does and does not deserve Hall of Fame enshrinement. Rather, it remembers those who, failing entrance into Cooperstown, may unfairly be lost to history. It’s for the players we grew up rooting for, the ones whose best years led to flags and memories that will fly together forever. Players like David Cone, Will Clark, Dwight Evans, Norm Cash, Kenny Lofton, Brad Radke, and many others.

This is an ebook, available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats, suitable for reading on a computer, iPad, Kindle, Nook, other e-reader, or smart phone. It is DRM-free, not because we want people to steal it, but because we’d rather put our efforts into making better products than limiting their convenience. Buy now for immediate download for only $12 at:

Contributing authors to The Hall of Nearly Great include SABR members Cee Angi, Tommy Bennett, Carson Cistulli, Steven Goldman, Jay Jaffe, Rob Neyer, Bill Parker, Cecilia Tan, The Common Man and Wendy Thurm.

Originally published: July 18, 2012. Last Updated: July 18, 2012.