The Milwaukee Brewers’ Once-Famous Mascot

From SABR member Dennis Pajot at on November 11, 2011:

Most ballparks now have mascots. But how many have a real live animal mascot? Perhaps the oddest I came across were the 1902 proposed mascots for the Denver and Colorado Springs teams: a live Grizzly Bear and a live Mountain Lion. Other Western League owners frowned on the idea and the bear remained the pet of a butcher shop and the lion retired to a menagerie. A few years later the American Association Milwaukee Brewers adopted an animal mascot. This mascot got more press than most. Perhaps because as we shall see, the mascot could talk (through a translator), could write (a letter to a newspaper), and caused a good amount of mischief.

I would like to tell you the true story—from contemporary newspaper articles, and the mascot itself—of the Milwaukee Brewer mascot—long before Bernie Brewer.

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Originally published: November 11, 2011. Last Updated: November 11, 2011.