Timmermann: Newest O’Malley bio looks deeper at Dodgers’ move to L.A.

From SABR member Bob Timmermann at L.A. Observed on May 3, 2014, with mention of SABR member Andy McCue:

Andy McCue has devoted a good chunk of his life to working on a biography of one of baseball’s most important, and perhaps, most divisive figures, Walter O’Malley. His book, Mover and Shaker: Walter O’Malley, the Dodgers, and Baseball’s Westward Expansion, came out from the University of Nebraska Press on May 1, although it was available in April in Kindle format, which is how I read it while vacationing in Denmark (where Dodger games were not blacked out on MLB.tv.)

The most important difference between McCue’s book and Michael D’Antonio’s Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O’Malley (2009, Riverhead) is that McCue’s work did not receive any cooperation from the O’Malley family, while D’Antonio received the family’s imprimatur.

A good chunk of the book, as you would expect, covers the Dodgers move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, which ends up telling you a lot about the political culture in New York in the 1950s and how politics in Los Angeles and California has always been, for lack of a better phrase, somewhat confusing.

Read the full article here: http://www.laobserved.com/intell/2014/05/newest_omalley_bio_looks_deepe.php

Originally published: May 5, 2014. Last Updated: May 5, 2014.