Tourtellotte: Grand Tour VII: Letting It Go

From SABR member Shane Tourtellotte at The Hardball Times on August 30, 2019:

When last we left our intrepid protagonists (Paul and me), they were midway through their latest annual baseball tour. Having witnessed the dire reality of baseball in Tampa Bay, they were ready to cross between Florida coasts to see the Marlins in their natural habitat, all while throwing some deserved shade on Jeffrey Loria.

We now begin that tale, meaning I can quit referring to myself in the third person.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 – Marlins Park
St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins

We skirted the southern edge of the Everglades, past “Panther Crossing” signs and various open campgrounds—in disturbing proximity to each other—to reach Miami on another hot June day. Lunch was at the best location for Cuban sandwiches Paul could find; dinner was at Marlins Park.

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Originally published: September 6, 2019. Last Updated: September 6, 2019.