Trezza: MLB opens doors to NYU female undergrads

From Joe Trezza at on November 8, 2018:

Female employees from 10 departments participated in the half-day session, which was coordinated by MLB Women, a business resource group dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment for MLB’s female employees. Officials described MLB Women’s core mission as two-fold: to support initiatives that focus on building a female talent pipeline for entry into MLB, and to work toward developing and increasing leadership opportunities for talent already within the company.

“We start by giving them an open door to reach out us,” said Jennifer Zudonyi, a senior manager of marketing. “We want to make sure once women are here, they are thriving.”

In large part, that’s happening. Baseball has seen an influx of women in mental skills performance and athletic training roles, as well as upticks in analytics and baseball operations involvement. More than one-third of women full-time hires and two-thirds of the women in on-field roles have been hired in the last two years.

Those hires are the direct result of MLB’s robust Diversity and Inclusion agenda, which aims to build on the legacy of trailblazers like Jackie Robinson. The Diversity Pipeline Program and MLB Women are both part of this initiative, which provided scholarships to 19 students and two Commissioner’s Office interns from diverse backgrounds to participate in last spring’s Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Analytics Conference and offers a competitive fellowship program open to people of color and female candidates. Minority students are also encouraged to apply for MLB’s long list of internships, offered in an array of departments. Internships are available in the Office of the Commissioner, MLB Advanced Media and MLB Network, and applications can be found at

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Originally published: November 8, 2018. Last Updated: November 8, 2018.