Trocinski: An alternative to the 3,000 hit club

From Lee Trocinski at Beyond the Box Score on March 16, 2013:

Hit records are some of the best-known marks in the game. Most hits all-time: Pete Rose with 4,256. Most hits in a season: Ichiro with 262. Longest hitting streak: Joe DiMaggio with 56 games. However, I don’t think it takes much argument to this community to explain why base hits alone should not be used. Could anyone, off the top of their head, tell me the same records for times reaching base?

There are 28 members of the 3,000 hit club, so I want to create a similar size group for Times Reaching Base. Including errors, 25 players have reached base 4,500 times in their career, so that will be our new benchmark. Here is that list.


While guys like Tony Gwynn, Rod Carew, and others are now out of the “legendary” club, getting guys like Bonds, Williams, and Ruth in solidify the status of true offensive ability. This list is likely not complete, as Reached on Errors have only been compiled (as of now) back to 1946, so earlier players will not have those added times on base.

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Originally published: March 18, 2013. Last Updated: March 18, 2013.