Turbow: The day the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Robins went 26 innings

From SABR member Jason Turbow at The National Pastime Museum on July 10, 2017:

If you’re of a certain age, perhaps you remember the 1985 Brewers-White Sox game that went 25 innings. You might even recall when the Mets and Cardinals did similarly a decade earlier. Those contests featured 14 and 13 pitchers, respectively.

Compared to what happened on May 1, 1920, those games were nothing. That year the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Robins set a record by playing 26 innings—using one pitcher each—before the game was called due to darkness in a 1–1 tie.

“In the matter of thrills,” wrote Ralph Blanpied of the New York Times, “the oldest living man can remember nothing like it, nor can he find anything in his granddad’s diary worthy of comparison.”

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Originally published: July 10, 2017. Last Updated: July 10, 2017.